Monday, May 21, 2012

Laquania Welch Weems is Guilty

Laquania Welch Weems is guilty. How guilty is anyone's guess. Yet the Muscle Shoals police have never charged this sorry excuse for a mother with any crimes. At least she's as guilty of hindering prosecution as Laurel Pruett, Matthew Fox, and the chillingly cruel Ash Lette, the stripper with the axe.

She at least feels some shame since she has taken down her Facebook page. That was after she had updated it with a photo from the 1970s, complete with cowgirl hat and a red heart frame. Of course, we may be giving Laquania too much credit. Let's look at her accomplishments.

She is a widow who doesn't work. She was happy to take in her grown son, who also didn't work, but relied on the Salvation Army to help with his kids' Christmas. Not to mention she took in any woman who caught her son's fancy, and that was apparently plenty. All the while, her grandchildren lived under the same roof.

Did she raise Ronald Wikkid Weems to be a murderer of just to be a loafer who lived off society and spent money intended for his kids on himself? She obviously had no problem when Ash Lette (legal name Ashley Greenhill) chased away a visitor with her axe. That's chased away as in threatening with a lethal weapon. Nice folks, huh?

Now she has Ron's child with Laurel, getting state money for her. Not only have the police not arrested Laquania, DHR hasn't taken away the child. So now she can raise Pandora Pruett as she raised her father. That's some moniker the little girl has, so in twenty years or so we can be sure to spot it when the product of Laquania's raising starts her own rap sheet.

Actually we think Laquania likes all the publicity. She even showed a television crew around the basement where her son killed his victim. Think she's an Agnes Scott graduate? Some people don't need painting with what Shoalanda calls a white trash brush--you can see and smell their lifestyle a mile away without any help from prosecutors or defense attorneys.

Should those convicted of Second Degree (Statutory) Rape be placed on the sex offender list? I can't see that these men, or women, are in the same class as those who force someone to have sex.  "The Connection" is currently compiling a list of those who have actually abused others while committing their crimes. Here's the latest entry...



  1. I say let's not tag the little girl just yet. Many people rise above their circumstances, including moms who make grave mistakes. We can always pray for this child, too, since we all have her name now.

    1. I agree she could turn out differently, but she would be better off adopted by a loving, stable family. BTW, her name has been published online in several places so far. It will always be a hindrance to her if she doesn't change it.

  2. BB: I don't understand the Agnes Scott reference.

    TBR: You can pray for someone without knowing their name. At least that's what I was taught in the Baptist church. Of course, as I've grown older and moved out of the Shoals, I have learned to question things I was taught in the local Baptist church, so I guess you should take my opinion with a grain of salt.

    1. From their website: Founded in 1889, Agnes Scott College educates women to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times.

    2. Justin, I agree wholeheartedly...God knows, even when we don't. I was just being snarky about her name being published (I get that way every now and then)...but I know it was already out there. I just wish it wasn't.

  3. I like you Bailey. I mean I like how you write.

    I honestly believe that Pandora would be better off without ANY of those people in her life. Her life has already been disturbed and traumatized because of this, I say give her to someone FAR away from here.The kids of all the people involved with this case are the true victims. I mean of course Amanda is the victim but so are the children. Ron has what like 6 kids? Amanda had 3, Laurell had 3,Ashley had 2. Notice I said HAD because hopefully none of these people will ever have their children back. If they could do this to a beautiful young woman then why not to a vulnerable little child,right?!? They are sick people. Sorry for the rant.

    I also agree that people charged with statutory rape should not be on the sex offender's list. I've often wondered but I just look at their age, victim's age, and date of conviction. Usually that will tell you.