Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

He was with a small group of American soldiers pinned down at Iwo Jima. They had no water, and the commanding officer sent one of their ranks to secure something for the men to drink. He didn't come back. The officer sent a second man; he too did not return.

The commanding officer then sent a third man to find water. This soldier had no hopes of making it back, but he went. He did come back and bring the much needed water. He survived the war, married, and came to Florence to work and raise his five children. His name was Fred Stevens. Sadly, Fred Stevens, his wife, and two of their children were later killed by a drunk driver.

Today we remember not just those killed while in service, but also those who have served our county, lived productive lives, and are no longer with us. Will it ever end? No. Sadly, it won't.

The Great War: Saluting Frank Buckles

The Cold War: He Died to Protect an H-Bomb

The Vietnam War: He Died Twice for his Country

The Iraqi War: He Never Saw His Daughter


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  1. I recently found out about a great uncle of mine who was killed in WWI and buried in France. I only found out his name recently. His story is posted on 'The Tuscumbian'