Monday, May 14, 2012

Tammy's Quote: The Comma Makes a Difference

Journalists are notorious for not using the Oxford comma. Many shoot back that such commas, indeed most commas, are not needed. Yet today we have the perfect example of how much difference a comma can make.

Local state senator Tammy Irons was quoted Saturday in an article written by Mary Sell. The most astonishing pronouncement from Sen. Irons concerned a supposedly offered bribe by the Republican Party and was picked up only by the TimesDaily and the Decatur Daily; however, there was another extremely interesting quote from Irons that was punctuated quite differently in the two papers.

"The very place I live my life has been stripped from me." The Decatur Daily

“The very place I live, my life has been stripped from me.” The TimesDaily

Which did Irons actually say?  We hope her statement didn't include the comma. Life should be more than political aspirations...


The following responses, updated periodically, are in answer to state senator Tammy Irons' remark published 5/12/12: Several weeks ago, I was told by a member of the reapportionment committee* that they would draw me a great district to be elected as a Republican.

Gerald Dial: If someone told her that, they drank too much or smoked too much

Cam Ward: I just have not heard of any such bribe or conversation. The first I read about it was in the newspaper. Maybe she did have the conversation but it is not something I heard.

* Nine Republican senators - We've contacted each of them concerning this accusation.


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