Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tanisha Tetter Welch: Wanted for Harassment

We strongly believe in supporting family. Well...in most cases. Pictured above is Tanisha Tetter Welch, known to friends as Tetter. The niece of Laquania Welch Weems and cousin to Ron Wikkid Weems, Tetter has made it a point to contact anyone supporting Ron's murder victim or her family. In case you think Tetter has been reaching out in kindness, think again.

 Ronald "Wikkid" Weems

Not only has Tetter been communicating with these individuals via Facebook, she has recently taken to visiting at least one of Amanda Taylor's family at their place of employment. We'll be publishing screen shots of some of these less than cordial missives tomorrow. They will require some editing to cover up language, but--warning--they will still retain some words not used in Sunday School.

Tetter has described herself as "two people." While she obviously doesn't know the meaning of schizophrenic, this is a quote from her Facebook page: I may be schizophrenic, but at least I have each other, and when I am alone I am together.

Perhaps she finds it easier to defend herself if she can blame some alter ego for her rants and rages. Then again, perhaps she is genuinely mentally ill; she has stated in the past that she wants to die. Ostensibly, she's depressed that her cousin's murder trial will begin during her birthday week. At this moment, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that this mother of two is wanted in Colbert County.

One of Tetter's victims swore out a warrant for her on Friday. So far, Tetter has eluded authorities. If you know Tetter Welch's whereabouts, call 256-383-0741. 



  1. We are not taking any threats lightly, if we have to the whole posse will come down, as she stated herself in one of those death threats, "my whole family is clowns", now that is something to be proud of!!!!

    1. If anyone else has screen shots of her threats, send them to us. We'll publish them tomorrow.