Sunday, December 21, 2014

Update on Justin Matthew Green

We have previously published two blogs on Justin Matthew Green: Links

As more information has been made available, we wish to clarify some points and make some further observations:

*  The deceased child, Arabella Claire Green was Justin Green's biological daughter. We've had some readers indicate this makes a difference. Really? He might have killed one of his partner's older two children, but not his own?

* We're not saying our search is definitive, but all accidental strangulation infant deaths we've seen mentioned are of the "hanging" variety. This could be remotely possible in this case if the cord which strangled Arabella was caught on her bed in some manner.

* Does anyone think a 13 month-old child left her crib, picked up this corded toy, then returned to her bed where she wrapped it around her neck at least three times, then managed to catch the cord on her bed?

* After reading the indictment, we assume the district attorney's office felt there wasn't enough evidence to try Green for Capital Murder and expect a conviction. Green's attorney would obviously argue the child's death was due to the actions of one her half-siblings, four and six at the time of her death. It could also be the grand jury simply didn't understand the almost total improbability of a death like this.

* Green is charged with Manslaughter. If his partner (or former partner--we don't know their relationship status) agrees, he almost certainly can plead to something much less.

* Green has at least two separate previous arrests that fall into the theft category. One occurred in 2006 and one in 2009. In other words, Green is a slow learner. We understand desperation, but he obviously had much worse problems. Yet his girlfriend apparently found him acceptable. Did the father of the two older children agree, or had he been fighting for custody? Had DHR already been involved?

* Since Green is out of jail on bond, if he has continued to live with Arabella's mother, she has almost certainly lost custody of her other two children to their father--assuming he wants them. If Green goes free, it may be a long battle for this young woman to reunite with her children.

* We would insert here that all young women should choose their life partners carefully, but why bother? After all love conquers all, right?


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