Tuesday, December 23, 2014

'Tis the Season To Be Grumpy!

Get back, Grumpy Cat. Our readers are not happy either.

From a reader on Muscle Shoals football: Things changed a lot when Scott Basden came on the scene. He pretty well demands center stage and calls the shots. At one time, he sent out a letter to all of us that had reserved seating to inform us that he had doubled the price to $200.00 per seat. When we asked Wooten who authorized that (since the Board is supposed to set fees, etc). Basden his dumb old country bumpkin act and said he thought he was supposed to set the prices for those things since it was his "fundraiser". Things will never change with the people in place as it is now.

From an associate of the Sheffield Police: It appears that one of Sheffield PD's officers is on administrative leave pending possible domestic violence charges being filed.


We've previously mentioned, in fact several times, how different charges are for the same crime depending upon the county, victim, etc. Yet, several studies have been done concerning the physical attractiveness of the alleged criminal.

At left is Jodey Wayne Waldrop of Franklin County who shook his infant son to death. While we have no sympathy for him, we don't believe he intended to kill the infant. He admitted his actions, apologized to his wife for the crime, was convicted of Capital Murder, and died in prison.

At right is Justin Matthew Green of Lauderdale County. Green's young daughter died from a cord being wrapped at least three times around her neck. Green placed the guilt on his partner's two older children and has not apologized, at least publicly. He's now charged with Manslaughter.

Two different counties...and two different looks. Does Green with his blond hair and blue eyes simply appear more innocent because of his baby face? It's something to think about.


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