Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What's Wrong in Cherokee Schools?

From "Frustrated Parent & Alumna of Cherokee" (edited to remove potentially libelous statements):

Lets talk about the Colbert County Board of Education and their red headed step child--the Cherokee schools!

I would love to know why so many of the teachers are currently sending their children to private school! Explain why Dr. Cornelius, the assistant superintendent (and God forbid, do not leave off the 'Dr.' he WILL correct you, even if you have known him his entire life) sent his eldest daughter to Cherokee until her 9th grade year and only transferred to Deshler, after she (had problems). Now 2 of his children are in the Tuscumbia schools system (where they do in fact live), yet he practically runs the Colbert County system and his wife teaches at Cherokee Elementary! Why is Cherokee and the Colbert County system no longer good enough? Why is the elementary librarian sending her children to Mars Hill, why are multiple teachers now sending their children to Covenant Christian and why are their peers following the same path?

How can you improve a system when you are an educator, but don't feel the system is good enough for your own children? What message does this send and what does this say about the teachers and the administration?

There are wonderful teachers and admins at Cherokee, this is no reflection on the ones who actually care! This is about the ones who feel it is okay to draw a paycheck from a school system that isn't good enough for their own children!

CHEROKEE IS SEVERELY BEHIND AND NO ONE CARES! 'Dr.' Cornelius is too busy worrying about people recognizing his title and not concerned enough with the real issues at hand. He is a coward!

Cherokee is NOT a bad school. Sure, it is a small town that isn't exactly climbing in number, but that isn't a reason to fail the school and be a factor in why the schools are facing closing their doors! Wake up people, your issues within the Colbert County school systems starts in the central office and end with teachers being snobs, so much that their own positions aren't good enough for their own children!

They make me want to vomit! What about the kids who are being left behind? I thought we were in an equality day and age!


Also from a reader:

Currently, from an informal polling of Sheffield residents and businesses, there is an increasing lack of confidence in the Sheffield Police Department's ability, or willingness, to perform its duties to the citizens of Sheffield. At any given time, the officers that are supposed to be patrolling are either at the Police Department, at the Shell station on Hatch Blvd., or at McDonald's.

It has been reliably reported to me that yesterday, a marked Sheffield police cruiser was seen being driven by an African American female CIVILIAN.


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