Friday, December 12, 2014

Florence Tourism/Muscle Shoals Matters

Two friends have sent us the last Florence Tourism Board meeting video now posted on YouTube. We will be viewing it and commenting later. We have learned that Debbie Wilson is Shoalanda #97.

Note: We have remarkably few comments about problems in Florence, and we're happy to be able to say that. Most municipal complaints we receive come from Muscle Shoals. Problems with law enforcement come from the Lauderdale Sheriff's Department and the Russellville Police Department. We are 99.99% sure that once Rick Singleton takes office in January the Lauderdale complaints will greatly diminish. We have few hopes for the city of Russellville.


The City of Muscle Shoals? We can think of only three issues that we here have initiated: Zaxby's, Cypress Lakes, and Muscle Shoals Police (two separate events). All other issues have been sent to us and we have published them. We have initiated no issues on Muscle Shoals schools ourselves, but we have received much e-mail on the subject of both the exorbitant spending related to the football program and to the suspension of a young lady for her dyed red hair.

We see that some who don't know us like to comment that we are picking on this school. No, we are picking on an unfair policy administered in an even more unfair manner. How can a school which harbors unnaturally dyed matrons and jocks with facial hair that looks like a desert tumbleweed (and that's putting it kindly) even dare to comment on this young lady's hair?


There once were two local educators.
Kids thought 'em more scary than gators.
To distract any attention
They served Hayleigh detention.
Don't they deserve some rotten tomators?


A reader asked how to cure the problems of title loan businesses in Muscle Shoals. We have no idea, but we hear that Loretto also has one. 


We will soon be addressing the remainder of the Muscle Shoals issues forwarded to us, ethics question #4 on volunteer fire departments, and more reader comments on the city of Sheffield (these come from Sheffield residents).


Sorry there's no real video here, but we had a request:


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