Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kevin Davis/A Few Words About Sheffield

Who is Kevin Davis? From his online bio at Muscle Shoals High School where he currently serves as assistant principal:

Rogers High School Academic Diploma 1998
University of North Alabama B.S. Sociology/Marketing/Geography 2002
University of North Alabama B.S. Education 2005
University of North Alabama M.A. Education/Instructional Leadership 2010

Lawrence County Schools TN-Teacher/Coach 2005-2006  
Limestone County Schools-Teacher/Coach 2006-2007
Lauderdale County Schools-Teacher/Coach 2007-2012
Limestone County Schools-Assistant Principal/Athletic Director 2012-2014
Muscle Shoals City Schools-Assistant Principal 2014-Present

I am married to Amanda Davis who is a Kindergarten Teacher at Underwood Elementary School. We have two children, Grace 15 and Shelton 10. I enjoy hunting, fishing, Alabama Football, and all sports in general. I also raise boxer dogs.

You will note that Mr. Davis was employed at "Limestone County Schools" from 2012 until 2014. In fact, Mr. Davis worked at Clements High School in Western Limestone County. In late February of this year the annual audit of school finances was conducted, and at the conclusion of that standard audit, Mr. Davis was placed on paid administrative leave. According to Limestone Superintendent Tom Sisk, a more detailed forensic audit was then initiated.

Davis then accepted the position of assistant principal of Muscle Shoals High when it became vacant due to Chad Holden's promotion to principal. At that time, Davis' employment in Limestone County was officially terminated, but the investigation continued. According to the office of Zebra Green, human resources director of Limestone County schools, the forensic audit has not yet been completed. When it is finished and signed off on by the board, an official statement will be published.

Note: A highly placed source states that Mr. Davis' references were not checked before he was hired. This source does not wish his/her name to be used; therefore, you may feel free to accept this last comment or disregard it.


Above is a photo of Kevin Davis. We have to ask about the Muscle Shoals school system's policy on scary beards? We're serious--a family of Vietnamese could live in there...


From a reader:

How many street lights (all over town) have to be out before the Sheffield Utility Dept. puts in new bulbs or replaces missing units (O'Neal Bridge).

Why do Sheffield drivers think that 'just because a street is WIDE ENOUGH for 2 vehicles', it's OK to do so? I'm referring specifically to sections of 6th St, Hatch Blvd. (between Darby and Old Jackson Hwy), and S. Montgomery Ave. at the railroad tracks.

Do Sheffield LEOs 'know how' to write traffic citations?  They seemingly avoid doing so, as is evidenced by the manner in which Sheffield drivers behave.

Why isn't the Sheffield city ordinance against 'unkempt property' enforced?  

Why are Sheffield city employees permitted to 'text and drive' when operating municipal vehicles?

Why doesn't Colbert County EMA 'test' the tornado sirens regularly?  How hard can it be to do so?  The one in my neighborhood has been reported several times for failing to activate during a Tornado Warning.

Sheffield needs a citizens' committee to explore WHY Sheffield's officers don't do proper patrols, don't monitor school zones during 'high traffic' times, don't conduct proper traffic control and don't investigate all crimes reported.


So much for the seriousness of life, how about some of the happiness:


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