Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Angel Arrested, But DHR Marches On

Angel Morris Gieske was arrested in Walker County last July. As of today, possible charges are still pending in four other northwest Alabama counties. We have not yet been able to contact the Walker County District Attorney's office; however, when we do, we will publish her court dates.

Oddly enough, both DHR offices in Colbert and Lauderdale Counties, where Angel still faces possible charges, say that her false credentials identifying her as a PhD in counseling have no bearing on the outcome of cases in which she was consulted. You might want to read that last sentence again to be sure you understood correctly. That's right--no bearing. So what were they paying her for if her wonderful reports on various dysfunctional families had no impact on their final recommendations concerning child custody?


A word about Guardians Ad Litem. We understand that losers in custody cases are often bitter. We once saw the family of Andrew Daniel Scott call the GAL in Hottie Scottie's case a washed up alcoholic. Just a little demented, weren't they?

Now a mother has written us chastising the GAL in her case as homosexual. We understand her pain in losing her children over what could be trumped up charges, but we have it on pretty good authority that one's sexual orientation doesn't affect one's ability to earn a JD, pass the bar, or practice in a fair and rational manner.

We will say that we have seen some attorneys, all heterosexual as far as we recall, whom we considered idiot savants. In other words, they barely had walking around sense. These attorneys are few and far between, and we greatly admire our legal eagle friends and associates.


Kudos to Dr. Barry Morris! He's called out the Testy Tourism Three, and we salute him as our latest Local Hero. We do think he fibbed just a little. We're sure he knows who wants Debbie Wilson out of her job and why. The Slime-Bowl-O-Rama will undoubtedly continue.

We'll have more on this tomorrow with commentary from two others. One of these two is our newest blogging team member who has chosen to be called "Number 99." Shades of Patrick McGoohan...


We once saw an Italian movie in which one of the major sub-plots was the continual threat of terrorism. Bombs exploded around the central characters with regularity. That could never happen in the U.S., could it? Certainly not in the Shoals.

Yet, it seems terrorism of some ilk has arrived. Carmike Cinemas won't be showing The Interview, at least not on its opening date as the movie megacorp had previously announced. We'll guess only a few of our readers would have chosen the screening of this film--at an outrageous ticket price---as their primary Christmas entertainment. The point is if you should want to do so, you can't.

Terrorism is here. Think about it. The decisions our leaders make may not be influenced by any of us in northwest Alabama, but on the other hand, we all have input. God help us all, we're thinking Harry S Truman made a very wise decision.



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