Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Mystery of the Muscle Shoals Press Box/Local Justice?


Two days ago our blog mentioned the press box at Muscle Shoals High School. For some time we had heard some odd things about how things worked in the press box there, so we asked a reader to comment. His comments didn’t pertain exactly to the intent of our query, but they were well worth publishing. Note to those who disagree with anything published here: If you look closely at punctuation, spacing, font color, etc., you can determine which words are ours and which words come from readers. Your comments are always welcome in rebuttal.

One reader in particular was extremely articulate; however, he also was in error. We made no ad hominem attack on him. Pointing out that we were not guilty of slander even if we had been guilty of libel is not an ad hominem attack.

Examples of an ad hominem attack:

What do you know, you didn’t graduate from Harvard.

Why should I believe you; your mother is Russian​.

No one should listen to you since you were raised on the wrong side of the tracks.

Believe a Pastaferian? No way!

Now, for this misguided young man’s second concern: How are we investigating reports of some possibly odd goings on at Muscle Shoals ball games? He will be glad to know that a friend has informed us that press for opposing teams are banned from the press box, not by Muscle Shoals High School, but by ComCast Cable which broadcasts the games. (You see how that works, B? Our readers who asked now know that it's not a school edict--complete exoneration.)

Can they do this? Sure...unless you know something we don’t. The Muscle Shoals School Board has signed a contract with the cable company, and we’re sure they’re required to abide by any rules that ComCast deems necessary for whatever reasons.

What about Deshler, Sheffield, Florence, etc., sportscasters having to sit outside in the cold? We suggest that Deshler and Florence negotiate their own contracts with ComCast and make Muscle Shoals press sit outside in the cold when visiting. Sheffield? Uh, no, you just may be forced to have the cheerleaders print derisive banners to wave at football games in Muscle Shoals. (Since we have to ‘splain these comments to some readers, that was directed at the quality of the football team and in no way related to race, sex, or ice cream flavor preference.)

Now a word to all students: If you don’t want to learn, just drop out. If you do want to improve yourself and get a better job when the time comes, we suggest you learn as much as you can and present yourself in your best light. Think others don’t notice? Think again. Your best friend may think your vulgar comments are funny, the clerk at the corner market may think you’re cute when you misuse and mispronounce words, but the human resource manager? He/She will hardly be able to wait until you leave the office to toss your application...and snicker as it falls into file 13.



This man shot his victim, 30 years his junior who had hit him with a rebar, and was given a sentence of 20 years in prison--where he's been sitting for the past seven years.

This man, who with three family members at his side shot his victim, a man who had no weapon and who had been called back onto his property, was sentenced to two years in prison. Three years after his victim's death, he's done no prison time.


Both men committed a crime--the crime of manslaughter according to the courts. Both used a gun to shoot their victims and could have been sentenced to a maximum of 20 years. Yet only Neler Keeton who had no criminal record received the maximum. Hershel Graham who had as a teenager shot and wounded his stepfather received only two years to serve.

What's wrong with this picture?


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