Friday, December 5, 2014

Franklin County Economic Grants: How Fair?

Franklin County now has a new state senator. Let's hope he will address this issue. Below is a list of grants from earlier this year that were filtered through the Franklin County Economic Development Commission. Per Roger Bedford in March:

While on the subject of grants, it was certainly a pleasure to be in Red Bay and Russellville on Friday to present Franklin County TVA in-lieu of tax service grants. These grants are applicable to all of Franklin County and it is a pleasure for me, working with Johnny Mack Morrow, to have presented over $750,000 worth of grants in Franklin County alone.

We recently awarded Red Bay High School’s baseball program $600, Red Bay High School’s softball program $1,000, Vina High School’s softball program $500, Red Bay High School’s weight room project $2,000, Pleasant Site Fire Protection Authority $512.50, Phil Campbell Elementary $500 for a teacher workshop on behavioral disorders, Belgreen High School $500, East Franklin Jr. High $500, Red Bay High School $500, Tharptown High School $1,000, Vina High School $500, Belgreen High School’s softball program $1,000 and Russellville West Elementary $2,400 for the purchase of iPads to be used in classrooms.

Many feel that Russellville and Red Bay have received the lion's share of grants (a newer list will be posted soon), while Phil Campbell, Vina, Belgreen, etc. have higher poverty levels. Some of these grants are tax-based and therefore would be pro-rated by population numbers. Others would not.

We are accepting comments on this and hope that Sen. Stutts will now assist these smaller communities in acquiring any grant money for which they and their schools are eligible.


While on the subject of Franklin County Schools...

The second indicted Vina coach Brian Keeton is said to be refusing a plea deal and awaiting trial.


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