Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sorority of Shoalandas?/Tuscumbia Petition

A friend suggested that all those who have been "accused" of being Shoalanda should form a sorority. I know of about 10 who have been named--none correctly. I do feel for them...


If you have any input for our Tuscumbia street project, please send it as soon as possible. We will draft a petition that can be downloaded. It will mention each problem sent to us, have a space for citizens (read: voters) to sign, and also a place for the sender's district number. These can then be mailed or hand delivered.

Be sure to let us know what response, if any, you receive.


Question from a reader: Should school personnel of various ilk be held to the same standards as students? We're going to answer it would depend.

For instance, we understand why a "scoop neck" top might be banned since there are various scoop levels. Who wants the pleasure of having to measure just how far the scoop is above certain female assets?

How about "Goth" hair? It doesn't look natural, does it? At least on a Caucasian. Tell us what you think.


Both these women dye their hair jet black. Does it look natural? One is a top dollar stripper and one is an educator. Who knew they had so much in common?


There's been much in the news about Mick Jagger's visit to the Shoals in the last millennium. So here's an interesting tidbit about Sir Mick.

It seems that when he was suggested for a knighthood, the royal family refused as long as possible due to Jagger's complicity in providing a very vulnerable Princess Margaret with drugs. When it could no longer be put off, the Queen decided to have her elective knee surgery the week of the ceremony, leaving Prince Charles to do the honors. We like the Queen.




  1. Dearest Shoalanda.

    Having been accused of being you, then I would qualify for the sorority.

    I must say, you are much more kind than I would be with your remarks.

    Knowing where many bodies are buried and having thousands of incriminating emails, it would be a bad thing for some people if I should start a blogspot.

    People shouldn't shoot the messenger, rather, look at the ones who are doing wrong.

    Facts are facts.

  2. Perhaps it's time to make the burial spots known? We agree about not shooting the messenger!

  3. As one who has been accused of being Shoalanda, I want to ask when would I have the time?