Monday, December 29, 2014

Bid Laws/Angel Update

Robert Gonce
We've seen several comments concerning the proposed Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board contract with Mr. Robert Gonce. The problem with the contract in no way concerned Mr. Gonce's abilities or ethics. Some board members were concerned that the proposed contract was not on the agenda and that no bids had been requested for these services. That in no way is a reflection on Mr. Gonce.

Alabama bid laws exempt professional services. In other words, pvc pipe of a certain thickness is more or less the same and those purchasing it should seek the best price. Attorneys, architects, accountants, etc. are a different matter. Your cousin the real estate attorney might agree to defend you in a murder trial for 50.00 an hour, but would you really want him/her to?

The downside is this policy leads to nepotism and good ol' boy politics. It does pay to question such contracts, but in this case we don't see any irregularities.


An Angel Update: Apparently Angel Morris Gieske was not indicted by the most recent Lauderdale County grand jury. She is awaiting trial in Walker County on charges of First Degree Theft and Theft by Deception. So when's her trial there? Good question.

According to the Walker County Circuit Clerk's office supervisor, Cecelia by name, the office does not give out that information, bur refers those seeking such info to AlaCourt. When questioned on the rationale for this possibly illegal policy, Cecelia replied, "We ain't got the staff for that."

If any readers have an AlaCourt account or are nearby any county courthouse and curious, please send us any information on Gieske. Her victims eagerly await.


An oldie, but a goodie:


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