Monday, December 1, 2014

Lexington Senior Center/Quad-Cities Daily

The TimesDaily recently ran a front page article on the Lexington Senior Center. We were unaware of any controversy there, at least recently, so we read several paragraphs in which all stated involved two short points.

1. Nutrition program? We understand that there are those who abuse it. These individuals have income, but eat at both the Lexington Center and the one in Greenhill. We've been told that Lexington turns a blind eye to these "seniors." Perhaps it's time to look into a few restrictions rather than abolishing the entire program?

2. Lexington is now losing 4K in tax money a month because of one store closing? Lexington's tax rate is 7.5%. Even is the entire amount went to the town (which it does't), the store which closed would have to have had sales in the neighborhood of 500K per month. That must have been some store for a small town.

We were going to attempt to find a Google street view of the center--for which we needed the address. We didn't find a street view but did find that the street on which the center sits was once called James Hamilton Drive. Now it's dubbed Ernie McGuire Lane. Wasn't the last mayor named McGuire. What a coincidence...


Now a word about public records. We used two screen snips from the Quad-Cities Daily on our FB page to illustrate two points. We received a few comments on FB and many more via e-mail. Some of the comments failed to use any basic logic, but why would that stop them? These individuals first criticized us for publishing them (they were to make a point about MSHS and UNA). Then they began to chastise the QCD for being our original source.

These arrest records are public; however, the QCD has to pay for the mug shots in most cases. Whether one agrees with the publication or not, there are many counties which publish online, so the QCD is hardly some rogue news site that deals only in scandal.

If you don't like what the QCD publishes, you don't have to read. Ditto for this site, but if you choose to comment on FB...on our page...please don't tell us that we have no right to debate you...if we so choose.


We hope everyone reads the Quad-Cities Daily on a regular basis:


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