Thursday, December 11, 2014

Keller ER?/Numerologist

From a reader:

I had the displeasure of visiting the ER the other evening.  Not just any ER, mind you.  After hearing so much praise over the years regarding Helen Keller Hospital, I was shocked at the condition of its Emergency Room waiting area.  The floor was filthy, being covered with tracked-in mud, empty drink bottles, and used band aids.  Objects are 'secured' to the walls by paperclips being stuck into the drywall itself (They can't afford thumbtacks?).  Signs designating specific areas were damaged or missing.  The remnants of a no longer working(?) phone currently hangs on the wall.  I had the impression that I was visiting an ER in a third-world country.


We see one Billy R. Smith has an interesting ad in the TimesDaily. He states that he can make you a winner at horses and dogs. If he's so lucky, or as he implies educated, concerning these betting pursuits, why does he have to charge to teach others.


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