Thursday, December 18, 2014

Catching Up!/Readers Write

We're delaying Number 99's debut blog due to some other reports on local news which overlap. Rest assured, he will be here soon. Instead, we'll catch readers up on other fascinating events around the Shoals:

* David Muhlendorf has announced he's selling Paper & the company Christmas party no less. That must have been a fun event. Perhaps he will take the proceeds and use them to start a school on sensitivity training. (Do you know why Mr. Muhlendorf's aunt is famous? No bonus points for this--we just think it's neat. Sad that's she's no longer with us since she would make such a more competent board member than her nephew.)

* Angie Roberson, indicted for the theft of approximately 100K in Lauderdale County, reportedly turned herself into authorities last night after failing to show at both a preliminary hearing and her trial.

* Do you know what hacking is? We thought we did, but it seems that crime can also include authorized access to legal records for illegal or unauthorized purposes. Remember Harold Knighten in Lawrence County? He was a highly placed police officer who used legal computer systems to spy on those he didn't like. He was convicted of the crime, but is currently appealing with the help of his attorney Billy Underwood. Now we wonder just how many local authorities, both elected and appointed, are guilty of this illegal act?

* According to sources at the ABI, Angel Gieske is scheduled to be indicted in both Lauderdale and Colbert Counties during the next grand jury session. There's been no word from Limestone and Franklin Counties.


Now some interesting comments from readers:

* The (Muscle Shoals) School System--these issues arise from the lack of transparency that has plagued the system for many years. MSCS spends millions on facilities but can't buy new text books for the students. MSCS spend millions on new athletic facilities but have teachers that cannot teach the courses for which they are hired. MSCS hires coaches and then hires their wives to teach causing a more qualified teacher to be terminated to make room. For the most part the administrators and teachers DO NOT have the best interest of the students in mind. It's how can they make the system appear to be better than the other systems in the area so to attract new residents into the city. If someone was to dig deep into the contracts and the books of the school system they would find just how bad the citizens of Muscle Shoals has taken. The recent hire of the new superintendent is a perfect example; he was not the most qualified yet he was still hired because of the pull his family has with the city and school. He may do a good job, but he definitely was not the most qualified person for the job.

* When my wife and her ex were in a custody battle over her 2 daughters, we had the extreme displeasure of having a court-appointed GAL. This GAL in question absolutely REFUSED to meet with the children being 'represented'. This particular GAL also NEVER consulted, interviewed, or otherwise made any contact with the parents or relatives of the 2 children being 'represented'. No wonder GALs have a bad reputation.

* Ever tried to get INTO or OUT OF Brooks High School before or immediately after school? It's miracle someone isn't killed on a daily basis. WHY aren't there traffic lights at the two entrances/exits of the school? They could be 'timed' to coincide with the school's beginning and closing each day.

* My **** was a majorette for three years at UNA. The band director not only knew about the weight limits and BMI's, he encouraged and enforced them. He also discourages band members and auxiliary line members from any extracurricular activities. He does this by threatening to withhold band scholarships. Many band kids that pass through my work place have shared these stories with me.


We looked for a video of Irving Berlin singing the complete version of White Christmas, but found this instead. Enjoy:


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