Monday, December 15, 2014

Florence Tourism Board: Where Do Allegiances Lie?

It seems the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board has become a three against two proposition. Why and how? What do Alex Nelson, David Abramson, and David Muhlendorf have in common? Could it be a certain friend? It's possible.

Perhaps these three gentlemen have been misled by this friend or owe him in some way. There have been accusations of private meetings among these three members. We can be quite sure that the TimesDaily, for all its tunnel vision, takes that kind of behavior very seriously.


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Hershel Dale Graham is reportedly now living in Florence--perhaps his father ran out of money for appeals and was no longer of use to him? He's pictured here at left as he exited his murder trial using a walker. At right he's pictured shopping in Walmart--wearing thong sandals, no less? Isn't he afraid of a fall since his balance is so precarious?

So far there's been no update on whether Graham will attempt any extraordinary appeal. Since we're told there is no more money available to him, we doubt that he will; however, it's looking like January before he will be forced to begin serving his sentence.


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