Monday, December 8, 2014

"If You're Hot Stuff Why Are You in the Shoals?"

The above was asked us, albeit in some different wording. Isn't it sad that anyone with any intelligence, work ethic, etc. leaves the Shoals. No, not all do!

In fact, 25% of Florence residents have a bachelor's degree. About 12% have some post bachelor's work. Yet many do leave the area for better jobs. Let's try to change that, shall we?


Scoop neck? Here's one:

Here's another one:

That's why all scoop neck tops are banned in most schools.


A good friend of ours has volunteered to work with schools to measure these variable garments if needed. We didn't know he would dare be so naughty this close to Christmas.


We've had umpteen readers with reports on Muscle Shoals Schools/educators/coaches/etc. We will need time to sift through these missives and confirm some things before we publish. It may be next week, so if we had earlier promised a rapid posting, many apologies.


Senior Angel Trees? Try Martin Department Store and Curves. Let's make sure no one is left out this holiday!


Hershel Dale Graham has been denied any further appeals in the state. As we understand it, if he wishes to take it further, it will require new attorneys who are licensed in that area. We have not heard Graham's response, but we would not be at all saddened to learn he had to report to prison before the holiday.

Considering Franklin County Judge Terry Dempsey's record in this case, we infer he will not insist Graham report until after New Year's. Sadly, the family of David Andrasik will never share another Christmas with him.


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