Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"What's Your BFP, Baby?"

Note: While Body Mass Index and Body Fat Percentage are very similar, UNA is using the BFP measurement rather than the more widely accepted BMI. Neither is a one size fits all.

So...to be an "auxillary" at UNA, you have to have a Body Fat Percentage (BFP) no greater than 21.9. If you're wondering what an auxiliary is, this general term seems to cover Lionettes, Color Guard, and Majorettes. We're not sure about Una.

There's no lawsuit yet, but an investigation was begun in August of this year. BFP isn't a be-all-end-all measurement of size; however, UNA Pride of Dixie Band Director Lloyd Jones has ordained that 21.9% body fat is the upper limit for these young ladies. He's stated that this is in no way unhealthy.

Most charts show healthy body fat for females as 21% to 24%. Our first comment is in the form of a question: How did Mr. Jones determine the 21.9% BFI? We could see a nice round number like 22%, but out of what hat did he pull the figure 21.9%? A quick Google doesn't show this as the ideal for young women, but again gives a range of several percent.

Now, our second question...and it's the one we want answered, although we don't expect it to be. Jones has stated he wants healthy and fit looking young women on the field. Okay, Mr. Jones, that sounds good, but wait a minute...

Just why didn't your policy include a minimum BFP for these young women? How about this young lady, Mr. Jones?

She won't take up much space on the bus for away games, but is she healthy? If you're really concerned about health, at least modify your policy to include a minimum BFP.


Think the UNA BFP policy is a tempest in a trumpet? Here's what one young woman had to say about her experience as a UNA auxiliary:

“I knew of girls not showering and not drinking anything — water, juice — nothing on weigh-in days. Most of the people involved with auxiliary had rabbit food diets. I knew a girl who ate baby food because she could get the nutrients without as much bloat or extra weight.”

So what happens to girls who fail their weigh-in/measurement? No, they aren't thrown off the line, but they are benched until they return to the UNA ideal.

Should we be shocked? Probably not. Just think of that old advertising adage: Healthy Sells. Wait...the word wasn't healthy? Whoda thunk it?



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