Thursday, December 4, 2014

"M" Is For...

Marion County: There will soon be some good economic news for that cash-strapped section of Northwest Alabama. Stay tuned...

Mess: But it's coming down. We can now delete Ingram's from our Shoals Eyesore list.

Muscle Shoals Press Box: A friend asked us about the press box. We have no personal information on it, but asked  a faithful reader for his opinion. Here it is... one cost over $800,000.00. When is that bunch at city hall going to put a stop to all that? You gotta remember, a lot of kids don't have textbooks. The excuse is that the state doesn't "give us the money" for enough books. Hell, the state didn't give all that money they went and borrowed for the poor sap sucker taxpayers to pay.They have spent millions at that football field. Even built a separate building for a store for selling their fundraising stuff that they used to set up under a tent. Too much trouble to box it up and take it in and out, so the taxpayers once again pay the tab to make it easy for them.

Now the Coach has told the kids if they don't have athletics scheduled for their 4th block next semester then they are not on his football team. In other words he is not allowing kids the chance to play. Obviously he wants to get down to a 1 to 1 ratio for coach to player. That's how you build a winning team maybe - nothing else has worked for him and it's pretty plain as the nose on my face that he will do anything he wants to cause there ain't nobody in charge at that place.


Now we have our bone to pick with the City of Muscle Shoals. Driven down Second Street recently? The former Tom Jones Insurance building is for sale. A car lot just to the west is vacant and sports overgrown weeds near the entrance. Immediately to the west of that?

Here it is:

It's called the Rustic Dime. Nothing on this lot is worth a dime. Can't Muscle Shoals do something about it? Or are they too tied up with Cypress Lakes?


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