Sunday, December 14, 2014

Who Would Profit If Debbie Wilson Is Terminated?

Debbie Wilson is the current director of the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board. Her annual salary is around 75K. Her current assistant Alison Stanfield brings in 62K annually. Both nice incomes, but we're sure there are a lot of headaches that come with the job. Some may be named Alex, David, and David?

It seems Alex Nelson, David Abramson, and David Muhlendorf usually vote as a block, while Kelly Kelley and Kelly Gaputis vote the opposite. Since Alex Nelson has thrown down the gauntlet, if a vote concerning Miss Wilson's job did come to fruition, it might well be that she would be gone, gone, gone faster than Lefty's Frizzell's girlfriend of song fame.

So who would profit if Debbie did leave? Hmmmmm... Send us your ideas. We'll publish them. Rest assured, we believe we already know the answer to this question, but since we've recently heard Alex Nelson called a "walking lawsuit," we have no wish to be one.


Reporting on local arrests:

TimesDaily - Doesn't usually report on misdemeanor arrests unless it involves UNA football players. In other words local business leaders aren't named in misdemeanor charges related to liquor, but the football players always are.

Quad-Cities Daily - Reports all obtainable arrests complete with mug shots.

Pen-N-Sword - Reports detailed info on heinous offenses, arrests involving repeat offenders, and occasionally charges against citizens of note be they football players or local business persons.

Shoalanda Speaks - Offers commentary on the worst of the worst or the rare(?) instances of unfair treatment--see UNA football player arrests.

Perhaps that clears up some false assumptions.




  1. It is very obvious from viewing these public board meetings that the three men have personal agendas; they don't seem to care that anyone and everyone can view these, and they see nothing wrong with their attacks and threats. They are very unprofessional and their behavior inappropriate. Why and how these three board members were picked is beyond comprehension, I can only think their campaign donations must have been larger than anyone's else's. They don't even seem to care about tourism. They need to return to their secret world of corporate boardrooms, which seems to be the only thing they know; they are very incompetent on toursim. I do hope that the council removes this "good ole boys only club" out, and move in descent, moral and ethical men that can get the job done, that actually cares about tourism. Debbie Wilson has done a great job; we wouldn't have what we have now if it wasn't for her hard work and professionalism. I can only think that these three men are threatened by her, or they have someone in mind they want to put in this position; there is an underlying reason why they want to push her out; they are hiring a "buddy" attorney at a outrageous amount at the taxpayers expenses, that they happen to sneak in; have no regard for the staff at all, which is their asset, but they refuse to acknowledge; just personal agendas on their part. These embarrassments needs to be removed, and I for one will personally lobby our Mayor, council and anyone else I can to get these cronies off this board. I have several others that have agreed to come on board. The time for change is now.

    1. I doubt the attorney is involved in the machinations of these three, but they certainly appear to want Debbie out and someone else in. That would seem to be the underlying theme of their acts.