Saturday, December 27, 2014

Liability? Might Be a Good Idea to Check

We recently mentioned possible liability concerning the use of trusties in a jail system. While it is supposedly impossible to sue a city or county in Alabama, rest assured it can be done...and plenty of attorneys are out there who would just love to do it.

Trusties working outside the jail might not be Sheffield's only worry. From a reader:

I have received another complaint about Sheffield Police Department's refusal to answer calls. Allegedly the Sheffield Police Department's dispatcher refused to send an officer to do a report on a citizen's complaint earlier this week. As a former LEO, it is disheartening and embarrassing to hear of such unprofessionalism in a career field that is currently 'under the microscope'. Perhaps the City of Sheffield should consider dissolving its police department. I'm sure other more productive uses of the money saved could be found.

On a slightly different front, we've been told that at many schools in the area volunteer coaches are the norm. We've recently seen a volunteer coach at Deshler murdered allegedly because of his gambling interests. Another volunteer in Franklin County has been challenged due to his overt religious influence.

Are these volunteers covered by school system liability insurance? We certainly hope so.



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