Friday, December 19, 2014

Welcome to...

Florence where men outnumber women three to least on public boards. (Funny for the day: David Muhlendorf's LinkedIn page states that one of his specialties is "team building.")

Tuscumbia where they give new meaning to fruit basket turnover. If you think the school system losing two coaches and and a superintendent in a year's time is a bit much, just wait until 2015.

Rogersville where what you do stays in Rogersville. After all, the TimesDaily won't publish it.

Muscle Shoals where they make you feel like family....and give you a job if you really are.

Sheffield where the crime rate is much lower than the national average...of course they only answer 50% of the complaints.


Some thoughts from readers:

* Sheffield needs a citizens' committee to explore WHY Sheffield's officers don't do proper patrols, don't monitor school zones during 'high traffic' times, don't conduct proper traffic control and don't investigate all crimes reported.

* I just finished watching the video of the 12-11-14 tourism meeting. I can only think of the late Fred Gywnn’s statement in “My Cousin Vinny” when watching Alex Nelson’s “performance” … Are you on drugs? Alex Nelson is a bully and I am embarrassed he has behaved so badly.  I’ve had some dealings with Ms. Wilson and Ms. Stanfield in the past and they have always been courteous and professional. To say they are an asset to our community is an understatement. Maybe Alex Nelson will find a lump of coal in his stocking; he is definitely being naughty.

* You most likely will hear that Sheffield LEOs are 'too busy' to focus on 'traffic control/traffic offenses'.  If so, that would raise these very important questions:  1) What's 'so important?  And, 2) If they are pursuing 'other crimes', why aren't these 'other crimes' being reported to the local news outlets? Hmmm.... Is 'crime' in Sheffield 'really THAT bad?'

* It's Walmart company policy to NOT sell firearms after 10PM.  However, they also will not sell pocket knives from the display case after 10PM, either, citing company policy. You can buy all of the pocket knives you want from displays on the main aisles, though.   BUT....get this:  Walmart WILL sell AMMUNITION from a locked display case after 10PM.  If you can figure out the logic in THIS one, please let me know.


We had several who asked why the Muhlendorf family is selling Paper & Chemical Company. We have no inside information on this sale, but will hazard a guess that David Muhlendorf may wish to segue into retirement and that none of the Muhlendorf/Israel family wishes to take over the responsibility. That happens frequently in family companies of a certain age. Paper & Chemical was founded in 1949 by Mr. Samuel Israel, pictured at right.

Also, this will give David more time to devote to the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board. In fact, in future meetings, he might actually even find the impetus to mention the word "tourism."


We'll have more on Sheffield and Muscle Shoals next week. Feel free to send any comments for publication. No profanity, vulgarity, or libelous statements, please.



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