Monday, May 30, 2011

SP4 Don Leslie Michael (1947-1967)

Don Leslie Michael was 19 when he died in Vietnam. Did he have time to think before he saved his entire squad by taking out the enemy bunker that had them pinned down, sacrificing himself in the process? We'll never know the answer to that question. We do know his actions posthumously won him the Congressional Medal of Honor.

While those who fought to have the Patton Bridge named in his honor didn't succeed, there are many memorials to the Lexington High School graduate located throughout Florence and the eastern end of Lauderdale County. We frequently see his photograph posted on various sites, always wearing his uniform. For that very reason, we wanted to publish another image of Don--his senior portrait from Lexington depicting him as he looked during what should have been a carefree time.

A year later, he died thousands of miles away from home. He died for our freedom, or at least what the powers that be said could determine our freedom in future years. Forty-four years later we still enjoy that freedom, whether thankful or not for the sacrifices of those like Don who died in service to our country.

Today is Memorial Day 2011. Let's not forget Don Leslie Michael or those like him who made the supreme sacrifice.