Friday, May 13, 2011

Update on Sheffield Post Office/Fiddlin' Willie

Note: Blogger was down for 24 hours for purposes of posting; also, Thursday's posts were temporarily deleted. Blogger has now corrected this problem.

Yesterday we blogged concerning the imminent closing of the Sheffield Post Office. These are the facts as we now have them:

1. All sorting and mail delivery is moving to the Tuscumbia location.

2. The majority of counter personnel will be moved to other locations.

3. (Anticipated/projected) All post office boxes will remain open for an unknown period of time; however, the retail/customer service counter will close.

Apparently, items one and two are already taking place. Item three is in the works for a later date to enable Sheffield patrons to acclimate to visiting the Tuscumbia or other local post offices. Is there anything we can do? We have received several responses stating that nothing will deter this USPS plan. Again, we do encourage readers to contact Rep. Mo Brooks.


Fiddlin' Willie

A Guest Commentary By

William Rogers

A somewhat accurate comparison can be made between Sheriff Ronnie Willis and Roman emperor Nero. Nero is alleged to have been so far removed from the needs of Rome that while Rome was engulfed in flames, its ruler fiddled.

Sheriff Ronnie Willis is so caught up in chasing his tail...and frequently stepping on it...that he is totally oblivious to the downward spiral his department is caught in. Sheriff Willis has lost all credibility among local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and cannot see it. Instead of efficiently running his department and commanding respect from his officers, he has resorted to constant 'little man' tirades where he berates and belittles them.

'Rome' is burning and Willie is fiddlin'....


Thanks to Mr. Rogers for what we hope is the first of many guest blogs. Please feel free to send in any guest commentaries or rebuttals.