Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Mysterious Box: It's Puzzling

We received a box; should we shake it or soak it in water? Let's go with shaking it. It rattles. So far, so good. Do we dare open it? Why not...

It must be broken--it's all in pieces, very heavy pieces. Some of the pieces look dangerous...what should we do? Hmmm, it's a puzzle...what should we do?

Perhaps we can determine more about the gift if we put the pieces together. Could it be a puzzle in more ways than one? Let's see...


After five minutes...all right, fifteen, we seem to have something. It indeed was a puzzle--still is partially puzzling. Here's where we are so far:

We're not sure how long it will take us to finish, so we'll stop at this point. Obviously, it's some kind of dinosaur, but where did it come from?

Since our theme today is puzzles, we'll let you wait on that answer...just rest assured that many of your tax dollars were involved.


Our fellow blogger C.R. has taken flack for his opinion of Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie May's actions during the recent tornado outbreak. Here's his retort:

When I am told something I always try to confirm the story with two different sources. The Ronnie May story was confirmed with sources inside the Sheriff's office and the state.