Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sheffield Post Office to Close?

We were forwarded an e-mail late last night in which the author stated the Sheffield Post Office would be soon closing. If this is true, and considering the extremely credible source, we believe it is, the effects on Sheffield could be devastating. Why Sheffield?

The Florence Post Office is similarly large and hardly built for easy entrance and egress, so we must infer the facility isn't being used as much as the powers that be in Washington feel it should. It may already be too late, but we suggest if you live or work in Sheffield that you attempt to route all mail through the Sheffield facility. Outgoing letter/package count is a factor in many closings, but not always the decisive one. Also, contact Rep. Mo Brooks; he seems truly willing to help this area, so now's his chance.

The Sheffield Post Office was constructed in 1930 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Should the post office be closed, the building could be purchased and preserved; however, given today's economic climate, that is not assured. Let's all work to help Sheffield and its citizens preserve it.

Photo of Sheffield Post Office by Jimmy Emerson.


The Shoals area has lost a valuable asset in the passing of Frank V. Potts. We never knew anyone who had met Mr. Potts who didn't comment on his humor, as well as his sense of fair play. Our sincerest sympathy to his family. The world is greatly diminished by his loss.


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Yesterday we published a column by C.R. that commented on recent events concerning Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie May. Sheriff May disagreed with this account, but instead of contacting us, he chose to contact another Internet site to relate his version of recent events in Franklin and Marion Counties. (We endorsed his opponent in the last election.) This is his prerogative; however, we hope that Sheriff May will still contact us and we will be happy to publish his account in its entirety.

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