Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Questions...More Answers

A faithful reader writes: Did you get the pictures of the "Shoals Eyesore" that I sent?

Yes, we did, and we are today adding a parcel that is believed to belong to Sanderson Trucking. This lot contains Sanderson trailers, bags, bundles, and we feel sure a kitchen sink in there somewhere. Traveling east from the Hwy 43/Hwy 20 intersection, turn left onto Wilson Dam Road and the Sanderson lot is the second on the left. Not a very pretty picture for a well-traveled Tuscumbia road.

Another reader writes: Do you know who's running for Probate Judge and Commission Chair in Lauderdale County?

No, we do not, but we would like to. May we suggest William Smith or Robert Smith for the former and Brad Holmes or Quinton Hanson for the latter. If anyone has made the decision to throw his hat or her chapeau into the ring, please contact us. We're hoping that should a new probate judge be in the county's future, he or she will have one of those, what do you call it? Oh, yes, a law degree...

(Congratulations to Brad & Sara Holmes on their new addition!)

From another regular reader: I've worked in Lauderdale County law enforcement for many years and all the women I ever worked with looked like the lovely Miss Wanda Fribbish. Do you have a photo of Nancy Sartain, Ronnie Willis's new assistant?

Why, yes. We just happen to have one taken from Nancy Hammond Sartain's Facebook page:


Happy Mother's Day to all human/cat/dog/lizard/etc. moms out there!