Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is Jon Thomas Wallis a Stalker?

Earlier this week we published a blog concerning Jon Thomas Wallis; Wallis was recently arrested and charged with the attempted murder of his wife Tania Marie. At that time Florence Police noted the 31 year-old Wallis had previously been charged with stalking--he also has pending drug trafficking charges.

A friend of Wallis has asked us to look further into the events leading up to the shooting of Tania Wallis. This friend, who was out of the country at the time of Wallis' stalking arrest, also seemed to believe Wallis had been found not guilty of these charges. So, just what is the truth surrounding the two events? We certainly don't have the entire story on either charge, but we can fill in some of the blanks for Wallis' friend.

Early on Monday morning September 7, 2009, Wallis was in a Florence bar where he had a documented altercation with another man. During the next few days, Wallis was accused of attempting to find the man, threatening two separate individuals, and going so far as to break into a mutual friend's home to find information on the man's whereabouts.

Florence Police arrested Jon Thomas Wallis for stalking, making terrorist threats, and burglary. Was he found not guilty? No, it seems for whatever reason, a grand jury did not indict Wallis. According to legal sources, the grand jury could have considered that all testimony came from friends of the alleged victim, or that possibly the investigating officer was unable to testify for whatever reason. This in itself proves Wallis neither innocent nor guilty.

What of Wallis' wife? According to a local paramedic, even though Mrs. Wallis sustained severe head injuries, the weather on April 27th prevented her being transported to the NICU at Huntsville Hospital. After treatment at ECM, Mrs. Wallis is apparently improving rapidly. The same source feels she has probably already spoken with Florence Police concerning the shooting.

We certainly feel for Wallis' friend in this situation, but our first concern here has always been and always will be the brutal violence against the innocent. If Wallis himself is innocent in this crime, we hope he is cleared of all charges.


We have been informed that one EEOC complaint against Lauderdale County Sheriff Ronnie Willis is pending. The complainant will likely charge age discrimination. We know neither the name nor the age of the employee filing the charges, but Willis' new administrative assistant Nancy Sartain is said to be 42. A Rogersville resident, Mrs. Sartain had been with the Lauderdale Sheriff's office less than one year when she was hired earlier this month to replace the retiring Betty Hooks.