Monday, May 2, 2011

"He's Dead, Jim..."

The Google map balloon asks us to write a review, so here goes:

Very effective bunker in that it hid Osama bin Laden for many years; however, it failed the ultimate test and finally allowed its occupant to be captured...dead rather than alive. We'll give it four out of five stars, but people in the free world still seem to be able to dance to it.

How do we feel in the Shoals? If we rejoice too much, are we any better than this hideous excuse for a human being who took so many innocent lives?

We have to wonder if anyone will feel secure enough to collect the reward. Perhaps Jeff Redfern?


Instead of rejoicing in Bin Laden's death, let's use our energy to thank our local troops. If you went anywhere in the Shoals this weekend, you saw the vehicles transporting troops to Franklin and Marion Counties. When they return, be sure to tell them you appreciate them...and really mean it.


Are Alabamians more trusting than most? We've been informed that physicians being investigated by the state board of medical examiners are free to take their own urine samples, seal them, and forward them to the board for testing. You probably know where this is going. Many are saying a certain Colbert County physician didn't test positive for a benzodiazepine at all, but that he simply trusted the wrong person to provide the sample he knew he could not. We're sure there will be much more to follow in the next few weeks.


In closing, we'll leave you with some words of wisdom from the greatest humorist of the last half of the Twentieth Century: I couldn't care less what some football players are taking. I want to know if my dentist is hooked up to the nitrous oxide with me. - Lewis Grizzard