Friday, May 20, 2011

How Poor Are Our Legislators: Greg Burdine

Greg Burdine is the Democratic Representative for District I, Lauderdale County. Could Rep. Burdine afford to give up 15% of his salary?

* Burdine has been a practicing attorney since 1989 and is a partner in a well-known Florence firm.

* Burdine is married and has children living at home.

Of the politicians we have profiled so far, Rep. Burdine may be the least financially able to return 15% of his state salary; however, it's hardly a given that he would suffer if he chose to do so.

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We're Getting a Divorce

The above map shows U.S. Districts 4 and 5 in Alabama. Now the results of the 2010 census require that these districts be redrawn. Alas, Lauderdale and Colbert Counties will no longer be in the same district. How will this affect us?

Lauderdale will be impacted less than Colbert, a county that will arbitrarily be placed in District 4, now represented by Robert B. Aderholt. Just what do Colbert Countians know of Aderholt? Probably very little--a fact that may open the door for a new candidate in 2012. Does the name Roger Bedford ring a bell?


For those who asked: