Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How Poor Are Our Legislators: Marcel Black

D. Marcel Black is the Democratic representative for District 3, Colbert County. Could Black easily give up 15% of his legislative pay?

* Black has been an attorney since 1975. He is currently a partner in the firm of Black & Hughston. We may assume his law practice is well established.

* Black is listed as incorporator/agent for four for profit businesses in addition to his law firm.

* Black's two children are reportedly young adults.

Could Marcel Black easily return 15% of his pay to the state? We will again let our readers decide for themselves.

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Late last year, there were at least two reported arsons in the area. On December 25, 2010, a fire destroyed the former Spry Funeral Home in Russellville, and a suspect was questioned, but not arrested. On December 26, 2010, Sidelines II in Muscle Shoals was reportedly torched. Similarly, a suspect(s) was questioned.

Our sources indicated arrests would be made in both fires after the state fire marshal's office completed its investigations. We have received inquiries about these two fires, but have heard nothing new since the initial reports.


The lack of arrests in the two above instances brings us to the reduced court funding under current proration. Many arrests cannot be made without a grand jury indictment, and not all county grand juries meet monthly. Franklin is among those not meeting twelve times a year.

Unfortunately, sources with the court have told us Lauderdale and other counties will soon be joining Franklin in its infrequent grand jury sessions. Good luck to law enforcement and county district attorneys when this new schedule goes into effect.