Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How Much to Move Tony Logan Trial?

Judge Gil Self has now ruled on a change of venue for Tony Logan's Circuit Court DUI trial; however, the site has yet to be selected. Just how much will it cost the taxpayers of Lauderdale County? Remember, this is originally a Florence Municipal case that has been appealed to circuit court. Citizens of Florence have already paid for the Tuscumbia chief's first trial, albeit a short one.

Sources with the court system indicate that for a change of venue to be effective it would require a location far away enough from the Shoals to preclude most participants from driving each day, assuming the trial lasts over one day--and it has been predicted that it will.

Lauderdale County would be responsible for travel, food, and lodging for the judge, prosecutor, investigator(s), and witnesses. It could also be responsible for providing an extra suite or similar rented facility for the prosecution to work on the case after the courthouse closes. Our source stated that if the prosecution calls enough witnesses, the charges could reach 5K a day.

One would think the trial would not last over two days, but many of those involved would also need to remain during the jury deliberations. So, just how much are we looking at? Expenses over 10K would not be unheard of for such a trial, although we hope they would be considerably less. If Logan were proclaiming his innocence, we could understand his need for vindication, but an appeal over a technicality? Tuscumbia seems intent on keeping Logan as chief no matter the outcome; does this mean Tony Logan himself is preparing to change jobs and wishes to have an unencumbered record?


We have an addendum from Tiffany Potts Evans whom we featured yesterday:

Also let me add the vote to see if such and such is going to hell is only to see if their crime is hell-worthy and is more symbolic than anything. We do know that we can't send anyone to hell. Sorry about forgetting that but it is important because a lot of people tell us who are you to judge? We are just judging if your crime is hell-worthy or not.