Sunday, April 17, 2011

How Poor Are Our Legislators: Roger Bedford

Fifty-five Republican Alabama State Legislators have given up 15% of their pay in order to show allegiance with state programs that have lost 15% of their funding to proration. Obviously it was a planned statement, but nevertheless an effective one.

As of yet, we've heard of no Democrats who have done the same. We are sure that some action or comment will be forthcoming from what was for many decades the party of the people in this state.

Would the loss of 15% of their salary hurt most of this area's representatives? For the next few days we'll look at some of these representatives and their possible worth. Today we'll start with Roger Bedford, Democratic State Senator for the Sixth District that includes Franklin County and a portion of Colbert.

* Bedford, a graduate of UA & Cumberland School of Law has been a member of the bar since 1981. After 30 years, his law practice should be well established and provide year-round income.

* Bedford is the son-in-law of Elton Darby Sr., the late Florence businessman known for making millions in various enterprises.

* Bedford is listed in state records as incorporator or agent of six for profit businesses in addition to his law firm.

* Bedford's only child is now in college and should be entering the workforce in a relatively short time.

Taking these facts into consideration, could Roger Bedford Jr. afford to give up 15% of his legislative income? We'll leave that for you, gentle reader, to decide.


From someone calling himself an "Old Prosecutor" concerning the 15% reduction in pay:
If you can voluntarily give up 15% of your pay, you can voluntarily give up the entire 62% raise. Therefore on Tuesday, announce that you are voluntarily giving up the entire raise and challenge your colleagues to do the same.


We find the screen name "Old Prosecutor" intriguing. Are prosecutors, perhaps, like pilots?