Friday, April 29, 2011

Two New Whitesell Corp. Lawsuits

Two new lawsuits have been filed against Whitesell Corp., both involving the company's Washington, Iowa, plant. Since these suits involve the unionization of the Iowa facility, they might be of particular interest to union organizers in this area.

National Labor Relations Board v. Whitesell Corp.

Osthus v. Whitesell Corp.


Of sources and a rumor we hope isn't true: When friends and contacts send us news, they usually do so on the condition it be anonymous. This is why we often use the term "source" or "sources." We understand that in every area of public service there will be those who disagree with their supervisor's actions...or perhaps just wish for certain news items to be released before they are officially signed off on. We can think of very few instances when these sources were misinformed--a guesstimate would be not more than 5%. When this is the case, it usually involves names or titles, and we attempt to correct any error as soon as possible.

We frequently receive critical reports concerning one police chief, but today we have only praise for him. We understand he was at the forefront helping those in his county who lost homes and family Wednesday. Kudos to this officer.

Sadly, we have heard a rumor concerning another law enforcement head who did just the opposite. On Thursday, did one of our Shoals law enforcement leaders refuse a desperate plea for aid to another county? How is this possible? Does this not go against the premise of mutual aid?

We have little knowledge of how this concept works in today's world of law enforcement or how often such a request is made. A quick Internet search shows that such aid is mandatory in some states, but apparently not in Alabama; however, our source tells us the officer's refusal is grounds for censure at least and could conceivably result in his removal from office.

Props to everyone out there who are assisting Franklin, Marion, Lawrence, and other hard hit counties. Our prayers are with you.