Monday, April 25, 2011

"It IS a Business"/"It ISN'T a Spook House"

It IS a Business

You've probably seen those tables set up in grocery stores and other places where the masses assemble. The salespeople offer you an umbrella or coupon booklet or some other bonus you really don't want or need if you'll subscribe to the TimesDaily.

It seems one prospective customer recently replied that he read the TD for free online. Alas, according to the saleswoman, neither the TimesDaily nor its new forum will be free online for long. For after all, it is a business, she said.

We can't vouch for the information being disseminated by the saleswoman, but another newspaper in the Shelton family stable, The Decatur Daily, has been pay-per-view for some time; however, other offerings are not. Will it decrease forum readership and input? Obviously. Whose loss is it? We're leaning toward the Shelton family's.


It ISN'T a Spook House

Tracy Scott Lyndon is quoted in yesterday's TimesDaily as stating Sweetwater Mansion, aka the Weeden Home, is not a spook house. Why would anyone have mistaken the historic structure for one? Well, perhaps because of this:

Or perhaps it was because of this: A Tale of Two Houses

Or maybe because of this: Aliens at Sweetwater, or Only Bigfoot

Or certainly this: Robert Simone of G.H.O.S.T.

Yes, Mr. Lyndon, we think maybe the bats, fortune teller, slasher, aliens, bigfoot, and ghost hunter just may have given the public the idea that Sweetwater is a spook house. If all these didn't, the fact that the old manse was featured on Paranormal State pretty well sealed the description.

For any readers who are interested in the history of Sweetwater, here's a link to a website that offers correct dates and info: Ripples from Sweetwater Mansion.