Saturday, October 2, 2010

Robert Simone of G.H.O.S.T.

Most of us have at least seen the ads in the Courier-Journal and other newspapers, ads that tout the group G.H.O.S.T., short for Ghost Hunters of Southern Territories. The group was founded by Robert Simone, a former stage magician. Simone's current projects include Sweetwater Mansion (the Weeden Home) and the Saunders Mansion (Goode/Hall/Mauldin Home) in Town Creek.

Simone also speaks at various paranormal conferences where he hawks his books, DVDs, and tee-shirts. The founder of G.H.O.S.T. uses the name Captain Magic for his e-mail moniker and works with a team of investigators, including his wife Karen. According to Simone, both he and his wife are psychic. While living in their former home in Muscle Shoals, Karen once reported seeing a little boy in Victorian garb. This seems logical since there are so many Victorian homes located in that beautiful city.

Another member of Simone's team is John McWilliams, a local historian. McWilliams has invented a procedure in which he delves into digital photographs using a desaturation device in order to find the ghost lurking underneath the surface. Apparently college freshmen don't know what Kodachrome is, but we have reached the great frontier of photography where we can actually look beyond surface images, ala The Man who Fell to Earth.

The team doesn't work exclusively with human ghosts, but once helped a Wiccan divest her home of a ghostly hawk she had called up during a cleansing ceremony. We are talking real renaissance talent here.

Lest anyone think Simone's work is slightly less than scientific, one of the group's standbys is an EMF meter. These machine's measure electromagnetic fields, which, according to Simone, indicate a ghostly presence. According to prevailing scientific theory, these electromagnetic charges cover the universe. On our own non-astral plane, they may be responsible for determining the paths of tornadoes and helping cats find their way home. In other words, there probably isn't an edifice in the world that would not exhibit some degree of electromagnetic field presence.

Rest assured, if Robert Simone should be unable to make it as a ghost-hunter, he can fall back on his other natural gift. He's a healer.


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