Friday, October 22, 2010

Backyard Burger --> Zaxby's

It may not be murder, rape, or arson, but the proposed Muscle Shoals purchase of the old Backyard Burger building on Avalon Avenue has certainly generated a lot of talk...and a lot of e-mails to us. The "facts" of the sale seem to change with each passing day.

The latest reports state the 800K maximum includes both the sale price and renovations. Whew...that's a relief. Just how much is the building at 2017 East Avalon Avenue worth? Here's the current real estate listing:

Let's see...asking price $1,150, sale price $550,000.00. Is there a real estate appraiser in the house?

Zaxby's is certainly a much more well established restaurant than Backyard Burger, but what if the famous purveyor of chicken cuisine should decide to bail in a year or two? Perhaps Muscle Shoals City Hall will then have its own cafeteria.