Friday, October 8, 2010

Quinton Hanson, a Man with a Plan

In less than one month, voters will go to the polls to select a new representative for Place 1 in the Alabama House of Representatives. Republican candidate Quinton Hanson will face Democrat Greg Burdine in a race that Doc's Political Parlor has called a virtual tie. We have asked both candidates for a vision statement, and Mr. Hanson has been kind enough to reply:

Lots of people are spending lots of money trying to make you think that the situation in Alabama is hopeless. I have to tell you that I do not feel that the situation is hopeless. I feel that there is great hope in this wonderful state of which we are a part, especially in the Shoals Area.

It's true that there are problems in Alabama. But the good news is that, with proper leadership, these problems can be fixed!

Since the beginning of the primary campaign, I've been focusing on the three major areas of the state that need the most attention: the Economy, Education, and Ethics Reform. Like the rest of the country, Alabama has seen an economic slowdown because of the recession...but with proper leadership, we can continue to shape ourselves as a good place to do business, so that we are positioned to create jobs and opportunities as the economy improves.

Our state has one of the highest dropout rates in the nation, but with proper leadership we can reemphasize the value of good education and work to see that our young people have the opportunities they need as they finish their education and join the workforce. And even though Alabama has had some notable good old boy leaders who have done some very questionable things, as is evidenced by the recent indictments, it is possible to elect men and women of principle and reform the system to prevent abuse in the future.

I believe I am the person to provide the leadership we need in this wonderful state of ours. As a businessman, I understand how to make Alabama attractive to development, and understand the importance of an educated workforce. I consider myself to be a man of principle, and as a community leader have worked to be fair in my dealings with others.

We are awaiting a reply from Mr. Burdine; we expect to make endorsements in the remaining elections by October 15th.


We've received thanks from several readers for introducing them to Phillip Oliver's Dirt Therapy. Today we wish to introduce another Shoals gardening blog, Rosedale Gardens. Blogger Mary Carton describes the subject of her work as "gardening and life with Border Collie hooligans." Who could resist such a theme? Read and enjoy: Link


We've also been receiving several e-mails concerning Muscle Shoals' proposed purchase of the former Backyard Burger building. Most of these communications have the same theme; however, while these statements may be true, we have not been able to substantiate them.

Trader may have left our blogging group, but he will still be contributing on various issues. He will be interviewing Muscle Shoals Mayor David Bradford on this highly debated issue, and we hope to publish the new material next week.


For all you starting your pre-Thanksgiving diets: