Monday, October 11, 2010

Raby & Windom or Is Honest Politician an Oxymoron?

"You're known by the company you keep," is an old adage. It being election year, we've taken at least some of what we've heard about Steve Raby with the proverbial grain of salt. We don't expect any pol to agree with us on every subject, nor do we expect them to be free from mistakes in their public pronouncements. We do expect them to tell the truth and to correct any errors they might have accidentally disseminated.

Raby has certainly committed his share of misspeaks in the US House election; now it's come to light that he's in political bed with Steve Windom. You may remember Windom from his jug days as Lt. Governor of this state. Yes, he actually urinated in a jug, thankfully placed under a table, in order to retain control of proceedings he was attempting to block.

Is the above incident Windom's main claim to infamy? Hardly. While running for the above office, he preached a get tough on crime stance. Very good stance, but unfortunately his version contained some...what's the word...oh, yes, lies. According to Windom, the State of Alabama provided air conditioning to all its prisons. When the Birmingham News confronted Windom with his egregious lie, what did he do? If you guess he never corrected his statement, but called the state's largest newspaper an instrument of liberalism with a socialist agenda, you'll win today's prize.

Inept, we can make excuses for. Liars, we will not abide. Like Mo Brooks or not, you cannot point to any lies in his campaign. If you think you can, please send your info to us and we'll publish it.


While on the subject of misspeaking, or misquoting, we see a local forum poster has asked if Mike Curtis and Tammy Irons could have been misquoted by the TimesDaily when both stated they voted no on the infamous 62% pay raise of some years ago. While anything is possible, what politician doesn't Google his name each morning or at least read articles in which he knows he will be quoted?

Since we have never seen any effort by either Curtis or Irons to correct that statement, at best they didn't have the character to do so. At worst, they told a lie thinking no one would remember after two years. A vote for Lynn Greer and Gerald Freeman seems most in order here.


In the "Isn't it Amazing What People Will Do?" department, we'll address a question a few readers have had. If you know someone is either practicing psychology without a license or claiming a doctorate they do not have, the fastest way to correct the situation is to contact the Alabama Board of Psychologists. They will do a quick check for credentials and file charges with the appropriate district attorney's office.


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