Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Liquor for Narcs?

With two local wet/dry elections looming, an item in today's TimesDaily is especially humorous--although we doubt it was intended to be so. From the News Briefs section:

City Council members Monday unanimously approved a restaurant liquor license for Emerald River Hotel. The council called a special meeting to approve the license to accommodate the hotel, which is hosting the Alabama Narcotics Officers Association fall conference Wednesday through Friday.

We have to ask...if narcotics officers require liquor for their conferences, what do BATF officers require for theirs?


Russellville and Rogersville: Wet or Dry? A number of years ago, an official with the town of Littleville was quoted as saying the town would not be able to exist without revenue from alcohol sales. Have you driven through that scenic village recently?

In the twenty-five plus years since Colbert County went wet, not much has changed. As for government sponsored construction, Littleville does boast a fairly new city hall/police department. In the private sector, let's not forget the open-late tattoo parlor or the pawn shop.


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