Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Firefighters & Baking Biscuits?

If you read Tom Smith's article in yesterday's TimesDaily concerning the opposition of some local firefighters to Lauderdale EMA director George Grabryan, you were probably left with more questions than answers--not an unusual result of a TD story. From the article:

Florence firefighter Terry Willett, who is president of the Florence Firefighters Local 270, said there is a lack of unity and cooperation through the EMA department. He said the officers of the Firefighters Local were approached in 2009 about signing a letter after talking with volunteer firefighters.

Okay, the officers were approached by whom, Tom? Don't you think that might have been a salient point in the story? Not to worry--we hear The Connection is working on Part Two of its investigative report concerning the EMA situation. Perhaps we'll have more answers then.

A source close to the Lauderdale County Commission has commented:

I understand a particular commissioner now has her pets documenting every conversation they have with the director and deputy director. Wonder if she even has their notes on when they took their potty breaks so she can try and throw that out there next time?

I heard the Deputy Director never backed down from the tirade of the day at the meeting and couldn't be tripped up even though they tripped up themselves.

I also was told that the look on her face when Joe from TVA came in the room was "classic". Apparently he was late to the meeting so it was obvious.

Last, but in no way least, a comment from a new reader:

They ask all the questions that, according to me, should be questioned by those who are in charge instead of someone that would probably be more suited to be home making biscuits and chocolate gravy. (nothing wrong with that!)


From our friend Morris Lentz:

For those who do not want legal sales in Rogersville, please join this facebook group.


Vote for Republican Luther Strange for Attorney General? We hadn't planned on making any recommendations in this statewide race, but we do have to comment on one of the most asinine commercials we've heard this season. Democrat James Anderson has asked for our votes, because he's a "real attorney."

So, Luther Strange doesn't have a JD? Please Dr. Anderson (see we were nice), don't insult our intelligence. If you want to talk about real attorneys, why don't you lobby for the office of Alabama Probate Judges to require a Juris Doctorate?


Did you know that Boris Karloff's hobby was knitting?