Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fugitive Search? The EMA? Really?

The man was on his way to a Muscle Shoals night club, his regular watering hole. The man was driving alone. The man crashed. The man ran because he had outstanding warrants for his arrest. Police find the wrecked car--empty. What should they do?

We asked this question of a retired detective. His answer was simple:

1. Run the tag.
2. Go to the address listed with the car's registration to ask about the man's whereabouts.

That sounds pretty simple, but what if those at that address don't know where the man is...or if they refuse to cooperate because they know he's a fugitive and will be arrested as soon as he's located? What happens next? Should the EMA be involved?

Our retired detective friend laughed at that suggestion. The wreck happened on an area controlled by TVA personnel. Unless they asked for EMA, then the answer was a resounding NO! Now Lauderdale County Commissioner Rhea Tays Fulmer wants to place the blame for Rodney Foust's death at EMA Director George Grabryan's door.

Some time ago one of our attorney friends stated that for many years if a child died, "someone had to pay." He continued that in today's world if anyone dies, someone has to pay. We extend our sympathies to Mr. Foust's family, but we cannot logically place blame with anyone before a toxicology report and autopsy findings are made public. Even then, Mr. Foust would not be dead if he had not been a fugitive, a fugitive who wrecked a car on a straight stretch of road, and then ran, who (for whatever reason) could not tell water from land when he jumped from Singing River Bridge.

We don't blame the TVA police for not finding Mr. Foust, either dead or alive, sooner; and we certainly can't logically blame Lauderdale EMA which was not officially asked to help with the search for the fugitive.

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