Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Questions About Lauderdale EMA Charges

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance..." -- Albert Einstein

If you think you saw the above quote recently, it was Rhea Tays Fulmer's quote of the day for last Friday. If you think it's ironic, join the club. We have received more information concerning Ms. Fulmer's investigation into Geroge Grabryan's jobs performance than we can possibly publish in our usual blogging format. Some of it is speculation, some of it is critical, but most of it is supportive of Mr. Grabryan in his role as Lauderdale Emergency Management Agency Director for Lauderdale County.

Obviously, the more we know about a source, the more accurate we consider its information. In lieu of our opinion today on this ongoing issue, we are simply publishing some questions/points our source has forwarded. We ask that you read them, ascertain the answers yourself, and then decide what kind of EMA director Mr. Grabryan has been for our county.

* ask about the EMA budget being "in the black" while most other departments are always in the "red"

* ask how many times the equipment has not worked when on a scene because those testing protocols are in place during training/practice -- or if there was not access to other equipment or even other counties if something went wrong

* ask what else the EMA was responding to the morning the boats hit the marina and where (were those who) felt it was so vital that EMA be there -- instead of being vultures to see the drama -- they were working with real victims of floods to make sure houses and lives were taken care of that morning instead of just the rich people's boats that had gotten away from their dock -- the marina was the biggest drama that day but it wasn't the only drama that day.

* remind that volunteer fireman are under the EMA because they are volunteers and not professionals per se and have to have oversight -- they are good at what they do but if they are left to their own accord there would be more infighting and drama than there already is...

* remind that the EMA covers the FPD, Lauderdale County Sheriff, EMS as well as has to coordinate with troopers, air evac and homeland security -- they are not the volunteers department -- they belong to the county and the city. There is more equipment signed out to other agencies than any other agency in the shoals because they don't just take care of the volunteers -- they take care of everyone

* Also, as to her statement the other day in the paper about "employees reporting to the Deputy Director every 2 hours" -- do they think they don't have to report to anyone?

* As for "pink paper in the employee file" -- is it just that it's pink or is the issue of being written up that is the bigger problem? If you are doing your job you won't get anything but commendations in your file -- so what color does the paper that is used matter?

Pardon us if we now steal a line from Fox News--here are the facts; you decide.


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