Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet Tiffany Potts Evans

Meet Tiffany Potts Evans. Tiffany and her family live in Franklin County. Since becoming interested in local crime, Tiffany has turned her writing talent to good use. Here's a little about Tiffany in her own words:

Hello, my name is Tiffany Potts Evans from Franklin County AL. I was sent to the PYSIH website to read up on the Christie Scott case from here in Russellville AL. Once I started reading all the stories on that site I realized there are so many other victims that have been silenced and forgot about in a way. There were only a few stories from Alabama.

We all know of several crimes, some solved and some unsolved, right here in North Alabama. So I wrote Max the Cat editor of PYSIH, and asked him if he'd publish a story if I submitted it. He told me to write it and he would help with the editing if need be. My first story was on a Huntsville woman named Natashay Ward who starved her 3 kids to death. Then came the story of Paul and Kim Gonzalez whose 5 year old daughter Andrea has never been found. You see we at PYSIH don't just write these stories because we love to dwell on blood, death, torture and the misfortune of others that some commenters swear we do, we are a voice for the victims.

Sometimes the victim's family even stand up for the offender, so who is to speak for those victims? I'm no professional journalist--just an ordinary woman who is tired of the victims being forgot about so the POS offenders get their rights handed to them on a silver platter. Of course you'll notice the sarcasm in our stories but honestly it's hard to write a story such as Jesse Compton and Stella Kiser without showing sarcasm. It actually hurts my heart and even makes me cry to write these stories.

I also have a 4 1/2 year old daughter and to research then write the stories will leave deep scars in any person with a heart. It actually took me 3 days to research/write down and then another 1-2 days to type it out. I just want new people that discover or read PYSIH to realize it's very gut wrenching and will cause nightmares from some of these stories but it's all for the victims and their families, not for the monsters and their enablers. Most of the regular commenters at PYSIH have had physical, sexual, mental abuse and have gone through hardships in their own lives and it's a very good place to feel at home and accepted amongst their peers who have been through obstacles in their own lives. We are just one big happy family. I have met and appreciate each and every one of my new found friends at PYSIH. For anyone wanting to check out PYSIH go ahead but remember these stories are horrific and should only be viewed by adults.

Thanks and eager to meet our new readers.

No, Tiffany, we thank you for your writing. We can testify it's not easy, but if just one family member sends thanks, often stating they had thought everyone had forgotten the victim, it's worth it. We know that Tiffany has a very large readership on a national site, but we hope she will do some pieces for us in the future.

Here's the latest from Tiffany: Jodey Wayne Waldop


A note on a related matter: We've been asked if we have ever discovered facts concerning a convicted criminal or suspect that we didn't publish. Obviously, we hear and read much that can't be proved, but we do usually manage to present the known facts to our readers.

The one time we didn't? We began research on sex offender advocates after learning of Derek Logue, then of Sheffield. The garbage that these advocates preach concerning children is so sickening that we chose not to finish the blog. Nothing we have encountered before or since has truly turned our stomach in such a way.

Logue sent us many e-mails threatening lawsuits for invasion of privacy, yet he published the same material on his pro-sex offender blogs. He objected to our remark that all sex offenders should literally be branded as such. We invite those with a strong stomach to read the propaganda he and others of his ilk write and then judge what should be done with those who choose to have sex with children and are proud of it. Please keep your children safe--there's no such thing as too much vigilance.