Saturday, April 2, 2011

Russellville Church & CRACK House

Our recent column on the plethora of legal woes in Russellville prompted one reader to write concerning what he called "off brand" churches in the Franklin County seat. We agree that a lower socio-economic-status usually presents in a large number of storefront churches, but we do have to poke just a little fun at this one: The So Help Me God Church of Christ and CRACK House Ministries. CRACK being an acronym for Christ Resurrects After Crack Kills. We're going to bet they have a thrift store too.


Our friend and CASA Board member Tina Parker has asked us to announce:

We are selling Whole Hog chicken plates again for CASA next Friday (4/8) at NW-SCC (Hospitality House). Buy your tickets from me or from another board member between now and Tuesday. We will have LIMITED extra plates to buy at the door. $8 each.


For all you Josh Willingham fans out there, here's a great chance to catch any of these you may have missed: Link