Friday, April 22, 2011

Susan Smith Asks Why Logan Trial Was Moved

Today's TimesDaily has a thoughtful letter from Susan Smith, questioning why Tony Logan's DUI trial was moved from Lauderdale County while other high profile cases have not been similarly relocated. If we had the answer, we would be happy to provide it, but we do not.

We have seen a comment by a local attorney questioning just how far Logan's trial will have to be moved in order to avoid a contaminated jury. This particular attorney felt that such a move would not need to be far; yet another attorney to whom we spoke felt it would need to be moved beyond the viewing area of Huntsville television stations--that could be quite a distance.

In the end, it may not be whether Tony Logan wins or loses his appeal, but will he still have the respect of those who work for him and those who reside within his police jurisdiction? Whether you prefer to call it a can of worms or a Pandora's box, Logan has opened it, and it may now be impossible to close.

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Let's now turn to the Daily Disappointment, the Times Faily, the Tricycle Daily, the Totally know, the local rag that reports everything but news from the Shoals. Where did you read one of the first expose's of the National Alabama Corp.? We hope you answered the Shoals Insider or Shoalanda, because you didn't read it in the TimesDaily.

Where did you read the investigative report on the missing Cherokee diesel fuel? Again, we hope you didn't answer the TimesDaily, because it was published only in The Connection. In what publication did you read of the latest conviction of the Reedtown Rapist? Well, it wasn't the TimesDaily, but the Franklin County Times and Shoalanda.

And now the TimesDaily has failed to report on the death of local author Beverly Barton, just as it overlooked the passing of Margaret Phillips some months ago. It must be nice to have a hometown newspaper...we say "must" since we in the Shoals have not had one in a long time.