Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Russellville Arsonist Indicted/Numerology, Anyone?

James Elton Faulkner Jr., a Russellville homeless man, has been indicted in the Christmas day fire that destroyed three East Lawrence Street buildings, including the Art Deco structure that formerly housed Spry Funeral Home. The 46 year-old derelict, known around the Franklin County seat as "Sonny," has had a string of previous misdemeanor drug arrests.

In November 2010, he was arrested for burglary and theft of property from a home also located on Lawrence Street. District Attorney Joey Rushing anticipates an August trial for Faulkner. Meanwhile in Colbert County, there have still been no arrests or indictments in the December 26th Sidelines II fire.


Venturing northward to Lauderdale County, sources say Sheriff Ronnie Willis has abruptly, and perhaps even arbitrarily, assigned his deputies new badge numbers. Besides the expense related to new badges, those in the sheriff's office say Courthouse personnel were extremely displeased with a new enumeration system that forced the editing and refiling of arrest and other records. Perhaps the good sheriff has taken up numerology?


Now a big apology to a good friend. April 22nd was Pride Tompkins' birthday--we believe it may have been his 29th or 30th. In any event, we failed to wish our favorite Lake Lawyer a fantastic day. Wonder if he got that new yacht?