Saturday, April 16, 2011

"They Said Rude Things About Me" - Sherrie Arthur

Tommy Arthur & Children

Lewis Grizzard loved his alcoholic father so much he even wrote a book in praise of the man...a man who had abused the person for whom the southern humorist cared more than any living being. Should any of us be shocked that Tommy Douglas Arthur's daughter Sherrie Arthur Stone still loves the convicted murderer? Should we be surprised that she once helped him escape from the Colbert County Jail and now assists in running his personal website?

Sherrie Arthur has stated over the years that she felt threatened here in the Shoals. When asked specifically what threats were made against her, she replied, "They said rude things about me."

Well, Sherrie, you did provide your father with a gun hidden in a bucket of KFC in order to facilitate his escape, an escape that resulted in the shooting of jailer James Conley. Here in the South, people usually find that grounds for at least a few rude comments.

To be completely fair, Sherrie Arthur Stone hired Don Holt as her defense attorney and did not serve a day in prison for her crime. She now lives outside the Shoals, but never misses an opportunity to recite her version of the malicious prosecution of both her father and herself.

Since Troy Wicker was murdered, Shoals residents have married, produced children, and even become grandparents. Tommy Arthur still sits on death row. At least commuting his sentence to Life Without Parole would spare us from seeing his mug shots spread out in the TimesDaily with the regularity and fervor usually reserved for Alabama-Auburn game publicity.

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Tommy Arthur Trivia: At the time of Troy Wicker's murder, Arthur was serving a life sentence in the Decatur Work Release for the murder of Christie Michelle Bray Scott's aunt. Scott is now on death row for the murder of her son.